Smart Keto Diet App

The Smart Keto Dieta Realistic Approach to Eating a Healthy Ketogenic Diet

PLEASE NOTE 🙏 This app is not for strict ketogenic diet. It is simply designed to rank foods from most healthy to most toxic, to help you make better decisions when shopping and eating. The Bullletproof Diet is technically a cyclical ketogenic diet, which has advantages over being in ketosis all the time. Now, on with the app description... 🤗

So many diets create an all-or-nothing mentality that makes you feel deprived when you follow it and guilty when you “mess up.” These diets aren’t sustainable and lead to binging, crashing, and just giving up.

The Smart Keto Diet isn’t like that. It’s a realistic approach to eating nutrient-dense fats, protein, and tons of organic vegetables to increase fat burning and send energy levels through the roof.

The Ketogenic Diet will help you:
Lose weight without calorie-counting or weighing food Boost energy and willpower Increase cognitive function as well as physical and mental performance Increase nutrient stores and strengthen immune function

Using the Keto Diet App
The What to Eat section offers a number of food options on a spectrum of green (eat as much as you want!) to yellow (limit these foods) to red (these should be avoided, but it’s not the end of the world if you eat them)

Using the app is simple:
- Eat the stuff in the green zone - No calorie counting. No measuring. Eat until you’re satisfied. - Feel your brain, body, and hormones re-awaken, effortlessly lose weight, and gain muscle with little exercise.

The Smart Keto App also includes details about:
- When to eat - Exactly what foods and beverages to include - How much to eat, including recommended serving sizes