Market Forecasting

Predicting Futures Stock and Commodity Prices

Companies who buy and sell Global Stocks & Commodities (including Agriculture Products, Oil, Minerals, Metals or any other commodity) expose themselves to a certain amount of risk because of the uncertainty in the price of maize in the future. The futures exchange provides a way to mitigate this risk, because it allows companies to guarantee a price in the future by performing a 100% hedge. This prevents such companies from making money when the stock prices change, however. We have developed a solution that analyses thousands of indicator variables, including hundreds of relevant weather statistics, political sentiment, financial indicators and past price trends. Our system enables us to forecast the direction of the future stock price of maize with 76% accuracy. This is more accurate than the futures price for the same expiry date, and enables our clients to design trading strategies that can generate far greater revenue in the future than the 100% hedge.

Overview : There are various financial regulated market in the world where various securities are getting traded daily with huge volume in different type of assets. We are focused on identifying opportunities, Keeping Mind to create wealth and regular income for stakeholders. We will follow certain predefined rules to trade asset in money markets. We would create different positions for short time to desired time period for generating income. These asset classes would be: - Indexes, Stocks, Derivatives, Commodities, Bonds and Currencies.
To optimize our Trading mechanism, We have already created and developed some Artificial intelligent Computer programs which are helpful in manual trading and are providing guidance to manual trader and in future, automation would be done using these programs in trading using Artificial Intelligent BOTs. We want to continue our research in the same direction and will try to develop same type of programs which would be helpful to predict markets and trade markets to generate better returns.
What we want to achieve:- Our goal is to generate consistent good and exceptional returns through trading and through value investing. To reduce manual trading efforts, we can automate manual trading effort and can use Trading bots. These bots will be able to manage risk self and will do complete fund management if future. To make better decision in Trading and investing, we would need to upgrade our technology infrastructure with latest available technologies.